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Earth Apple specialises in beautiful, unusual potatoes that will brighten up any dish and create a talking point around the table. Our range of speciality and heritage potatoes inspire chefs, foodies and health nuts alike to create wonderful dishes with bright colours and scrumptious tastes. Working closely with a handpicked group of farmers across South Africa, we deliver these unique potatoes throughout the year. You’ll find our potatoes at some of SA’s largest retail chains and we’re the exclusive producer and distributor of the low GI potato in South Africa.

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Every Earth Apple variety has been carefully sourced from across the globe. We only work with varieties that will thrive in South African soil, and have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure top quality potatoes. Our heritage varieties originated mainly from Europe and the UK, while our low GI Carisma potatoes were developed Down Under. Take a journey around the world as you enjoy the different tastes and textures of our potatoes – proudly produced in South Africa.

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Boiled, baked, roasted or mashed – the humble potato must be one of the most versatile vegetables to cook with, whether you want to enjoy a simple spud, a sizzling braai potato or an elegant hasselback dish. From the easy to the exotic, get creative with our recipe ideas and put the spotlight on wholesome, nutritious potatoes.

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Low GI

A potato that’s safe for diabetics or followers of a low GI diet? That’s right: the  low GI potato is taking South Africa by storm. Carbohydrates with a  low GI release energy slowly so you stay fuller for longer and maintain steady energy levels. Carisma boasts a naturally low GI (55 versus an average of 70) and is the only potato that’s officially recognised as low GI by the GI Foundation of South Africa.

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