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Carisma Opskrif

The revolutionary Low GI Potato is now available in South Africa, and proudly grown and nurtured in the Sandveld (West Coast, South Africa) by Stephan & Seun Premium Potatoes. With a naturally lower GI of 53 compared to 77 of other potatoes, it’s the only potato endorsed by the GI Foundation of South Africa and perfectly suitable for diabetics or those striving to maintain a healthy weight (read more about Low GI here). Our Carisma potatoes include the Almera variety which was discovered in Australia through routine testing – no funny business in a laboratory or any genetic engineering involved. Scientists discovered that these potatoes have a naturally lower GI yet still offers an exceptionally creamy taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture. The fluffy, smooth off-white flesh makes it ideal as a baker, but can be used as a mashing potato too if cut in smaller pieces.

Ideal for boiling, steaming, microwaving and using in salads.

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Exotic Mix Opskrif

Our Exotic Mix includes a colourful assortment of two heritage variety potatoes that will brighten up your dinner table. Salad Blue with its beautiful deep blue colour is believed to have originated in Scotland in the early 1900s. It has a fluffy texture and delicate nutty flavour. This cultivar contains red, purple and blue pigments, which are powerful antioxidants, called anthocyanins. These antioxidants benefit the body by neutralising and removing free radicals from the bloodstream which cause oxidative damage to our bodies. The red potato is called Highland Burgundy Red. It gets its name from the Duke of Burgundy for which it was served at the Savoy in London in the 1930s. The centre flesh of the potato is a light red colour, surrounded by a white outline of flesh. Burgundies have a slightly sweet taste with a floury texture. In contrast with these brightly coloured tubers, we include a few baby Carisma potatoes. These potatoes are best cooked gently with the skin on to retain their beautiful colour. It fries and steams well, are starchy enough to make fabulous mashed potatoes and waxy enough to hold their own in potato salad.

Ideal for boiling, roasting, baking, frying and in salads.

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Our Red Jacket Range includes the Lady Rosetta potato – a Dutch variety that is extensively used by the crisping market. This potato is a very tasty option when looking for a baking potato. Lady Rosetta is an odd-shaped potato and has a red skin. It has prominent eyes and a dark yellow, floury flesh. This potato was recently nominated as one of the tastiest potatoes in Europe due to their fluffy, smooth texture and creamy flavour.

Ideal for jacket baking, mashing and roasting.

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Fingerlings Opskrif

Our Fingerling potatoes include the Pink Fir Apple, a heritage variety that originated in France around 1850. It is known for its longish tubular ‘knobby’ shape. It has some pinkish areas on its yellow skin and when cooked have a firm texture and a wonderful earthy, nutty taste. Being very difficult to grow, they are very rare and only available during certain times of the year. They hold their shape when boiled, steamed or roasted and are an excellent choice for salads.

Ideal for boiling, roasting, baking, frying and using in salads.

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